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Been awhile. I'm still not really here. Life has gotten much better, so I may return yet.

Well, probably not.

LJ has turned into one of those uncomfortable pseudo-Facebook / Myspace places. I hate that. So, yeah, probably not coming back.


Yesterday I ran both RFC and WC and it was super fun! I got to tank for the first time and I got so many suggestions and tips from the people I went with. <3 I couldn't thank them enough. I also got to share the potions I've been making. Alchemy is super helpful when you're going prot because it takes fricking forever to kill stuff sometimes. Sigh. Oh well, it'll be worth it once I get up there in the levels.

Anyway, if I want to make my goal of getting to 25 before the week is over, I gotta get going! It's almost done!

urban dictionary meme!

1.) Your name?
VIRGINIA for lovers: Virginia is where the Dirty South begins, with the associated smoking hot southern women.

2.) Your age? "be 19", or to have "gone 19" essentially means that something has gone wrong, is just plain weird, or is inexplicable.

3.) One of your friends?
ALANNA...It also can be used to describe an incredibly hot, yet smart girl. Damn straight.

4.) What should you be doing?
MATH...the lesbian sister of biology. xD So I should be doing the lesbian sister of biology?

5.) Favorite color?
GARDENIA...isn't defined yet! How odd!

6.) Birthplace?
CHARLESTON...a gorgeous, old city in southern South Carolina. Not to be mixed up with North Charleston. <3

7.) Month of your birth?
DECEMBER...the month in which the hottest women are born. Hell yes!!

8.) Last person you talked to?
HANNA...most beautiful girl in the world. Awww.

9.) One of your nicknames?
...I don't really have any nicknames. xD

m e m e

Franz Ferdinand are the kings of this meme. <3

- Are you male or female?

- Describe yourself.
Bite Hard

- How do some people feel about you.
Lucid Dream

- How do you feel about yourself.
Can't Stop Feeling

- Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend.
Backwards on my Face

- Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend.
Sexy Boy

- Describe where you want to be.
Wine in the Afternoon

- Describe what you want to be.
No You Girls

- Describe how you live.
Fabulously Lazy

- Describe how you love.
Cheating On You

- Share a few words of wisdom
Walk Away

goals for this week

...send letters to Emma and Josiah Katherine Josiah math homework for Western Civ test
...get to lvl 25 Heroes!!
...get cosplay stuff finalized
...figure out wages
...make mix for Love Postal


I'm so excited to start playing WoW again. Previously I got up to lvl20 on a Gnome Rogue, then lvl40 on a Blood Elf Hunter. My brother has an 76 (or something) Night Elf Warrior, but I'm really sick of the Alliance. Each guild I've been in on there wasn't very nice and...well, Horde is just so much cooler!

I found Daughters of the Horde through another LJ community, wow_ladies, which I joined when I first got into World of Warcraft. I am SUPER excited to join their guild on Bronzebeard. Hopefully I'll learn all the stuff that I never did through the Alliance and my shitty, shy Belf Huntard. By the by, I am never playing a Hunter seriously again. No one wants you in any of their instance runs. D:

I just had the most amazing grilled cheese ever. Mmm, swiss. <3
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I woke up this morning and sorted my laundry for the trip to LEAF // back home.
One of my shirts smelled like my dad's deodorant. I think they're the same brand,
which gives me this weird melancholy feeling that hasn't been around in awhile.
And just now, watching House, he went to his father's funeral. He turned to Wilson
and said, "My dad died" in the most vulnerable voice. And I said, "Mine did too."
TV shows always get me like that. I know they're fictional characters, but there are people,
real people going through the exact same things. So when all the hippies here
yell and scream about killing your television and how the media is basically evil,
I want to remind them of those things, those small comforts that the TV can provide.
I always get like this around LEAF time. I miss my dad and my bronchitis comes back.

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Homework makes me feel like this. Grrrr, angry! My hardest class right now is my Technical Theatre class because we're drawing these floor plans in half-inch scale. It's really confusing! Having to use an architect's ruler and a straightedge and these loooong sheets of graph paper is not something I will EVER do again. I might not even take the Paint and Lighting part of the course. But, duh, I have to if I want to fulfill my GenEd requirements. In other news, I feel more social now after hanging out with Emma, Wendy, Nicole, and Eric watching My Cousin Vinny last night. I got so tired that I didn't finish it and wandered back to my room to sleep. But then! I got distracted because I noticed that for download on one of my iPod communities was this movie I've been wanting to see FOREVER. It's called The Fall. Watch the trailer! Supposedly it came out in May of this year but because it's an independent film, I didn't hear about it until like three months ago. However, the cinematic detail and all the colors just sucked me in. I can't wait to really see it! I also can't wait for fall break so I can go home for a little bit! I miss my cats and my family.

I want to write a novel. I haven't read anything fantastic or fiction-y over the entire summer. I've been reading David Foster Wallace and "The Character of the Poet" and Oliver de la Paz. So, much poetry but not so much fantasy. I picked up an oldie-but-goodie by Charles de Lint, but seeing as how I've already read it, I'm pretty much starved for new fantasy.

I'm working the LEAF festival as a lifeguard, which will rake in service hours. My hours as a Big Sister will also boost those through the roof. I'll probably have at least 20 by the end of this year. College service is fun. :] I still wish I were being paid, though.

NEKOCON. I'm probably going to that too! If I can get a ride, that is. :/

Five Funerals by Nathaniel Bellows

Five Funerals
By Nathaniel Bellows

One with five caskets heaved from the hearse
rolling past me in the pew.

Five new blazers bought, one sewn with a secret
pocket for my coins –hidden from the passed

basket of bills. Different light, all the same stories
in the windows. One church, one stench, one sermon,

five: shake your neighbor’s hand. One hole, five
stones, one name carved in script.

Five wakes stocked with flowers arranged in rings,
one open casket, five grave family faces, one

book to be signed; five signatures, improving. Five
guilty rides on the limousine’s blue plush seats. One

magnetic flag stuck to the hood leading us through redlights
of five different towns. Five of us in the back,

one of us waving. I was waving to people watching
on the street, drivers waving us through.

One funeral. I had not yet turned eleven.
One one the cake would say that summer.

Five caskets, one organ droning, five
hundred hymns in the book, opened to one that made

everybody cry. No one could sing or say the words.
The priest offered us the wafer –I was afraid

of its taste. Five robed boys carried candles behind
the caskets. We followed the hearse. Five rectangular holes

surrounded by plastic grass. We will all be one, says the priest,
with our maker. They could not make me

take the wafer. All before I was eleven. Still
ten –five years past
five years old when the funeral began. One day I put on

a suit, the church was cold, I sang with the organ. Then began
the caskets. One just like the next.

I love this poem to pieces. Nathaniel Bellows isn't too bad-lookin', either. However I am having a TON of trouble writing my essay for this. Usually I don't have any trouble cooking up a crock of pseudo-poetic-essay bullshit for classes, but this poem has just completely thrown me. D: Back to work!